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Going through a divorce or custody battle? Find an attorney who truly cares about your well-being. The Schmook Law Firm offers compassionate and straightforward counsel in a supportive environment. We are committed to helping you move forward from your divorce with peace of mind and security.Our team of diverse divorce attorneys and staff will be your trusted advisers during this challenging time. No matter how complex or difficult your dispute may be, our experienced minds are up to the task. With a wealth of experience in all types of cases, from high net worth divorces to inter-state custody battles, we have the knowledge to handle it all.

Experience an unparalleled and personalized approach to handling your divorce. Our Tulsa attorneys are dedicated to understanding your unique circumstances and guiding you through every step of the process. With our client-centered approach, we ensure regular communication and provide updates on the progression of your case. Discover how our expertise can work for you - don't wait, take the first step today.

Filing for Divorce in Oklahoma

Divorce in Oklahoma doesn't require couples to live separately beforehand. All they need is for one spouse to live in the state for six months before they can file for divorce.

When filing for divorce, the spouse initiating the process must give a reason, or "grounds." In Oklahoma, there are 12 recognized legal grounds for divorce. While one of these grounds, incompatibility, is a no-fault option, the other 11 grounds require the petitioner to provide evidence of their spouse's wrongdoing.

Choosing to file on the grounds of incompatibility is often advised, as it avoids the need to publicly disclose private matters. However, alleging abandonment, cruelty, substance abuse, adultery, or other fault-based grounds can potentially impact decisions regarding spousal maintenance and child custody. It may be worth consulting an experienced Tulsa divorce attorney to determine if proving fault is advantageous in a specific case.

Resolving Financial Issues

When a couple divorces in Oklahoma, they are legally required to divide their marital property in a manner that is fair and just. However, this doesn't necessarily mean it has to be equal. Each spouse keeps the property and debt they had before the marriage, unless stated otherwise in a prenuptial agreement. But what about everything else they acquired during the marriage? It's considered marital property and must be divided.

Inheritances are usually considered separate property, even if received during the marriage. However, the way a spouse treats the inheritance can impact whether it's seen as personal or marital property. For example, if the inheritance was used to improve the family home, a court might view it as intended for both spouses.

The division of marital property is determined by a judge who takes various factors into consideration and has significant discretion. If the spouses can agree on a property division before the divorce is finalized, the judge will typically accept it. To ensure a fair settlement, it's advisable to seek the assistance of a proactive divorce attorney in Tulsa who can negotiate on your behalf.

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